Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bus Stuff or Gelato?

Lucile Brewer had an idea-- she wanted one representative of each of the groups that are working to help bus riders by either fighting the transit hike or just plain supporting public transit to give a little presentation at the January meeting of Citizens for Public Transportation.

Lucile, of course, is the original Albany Bus Lady, and Metroland gave her creds as a Local Hero in 2008.

Lucile is also persistent. Tenacious. She calls and calls and calls. I couldn't commit to representing our little group last night, but two of our peeps agreed to be there.

The Citizens for Public Transportation meeting started at 7. As things turned out, by 7:15 -- I was out and about with nothing to do, so I headed towards the APL main branch.

When I showed up at 8, I'd missed the presentations by all of the groups who made it there which included Capital District Coalition for Accessible Transportation, Citizen Action, The Green Party, and Capital Region Transit Advocates.

But... there were two representatives of CDTA there, Luis Acosta, who usually shows up at the CPT meetings and Kristina Younger who seems to do just about everything at CDTA. I was happy to see Kristina there.

She was not only there, she listened and gave us good info. I practically jumped out of my seat with glee when I heard that one of my hopes for 2009, is looking like it's on the horizon. CDTA may be entering the 21st century with a great new product -- a 31-day monthly pass -- good from the first day of use! It sounds like at first (begining in April with the fare hike), the pass will only be sold via the web. They are also looking into a possible deep, deep discount yearly pass.


But, when I left the meeting I couldn't celebrate with Crisan gelato. I didn't even walk by. Why? I was too devastated. I learned some sad news from my bus and gelato buddy, Barry. We counted the days together waiting for Crisan to re-open after their long winter's nap. When he showed up on their doorstep on Inauguration Day, Barry learned that they aren't selling dishes of gelato until spring!!


Barry found this tragic and suggested we drop all this bus stuff and concentrate on getting the good folks at Crisan to change their mind so we can make it through this harsh winter with some gelato happiness.

I don't think I responded to Barry's suggestion, but he has a point. We'd probably have better luck swaying Crisan's mind than rolling back CDTA's astronomical 50% fare hike.

(Note: this post has been updated from earlier this morning -- when I was in such denial about Crisan's lack of gelato, I had momentarily erased the news from my mind.)

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