Sunday, November 2, 2008

CDTA Posts Fare Hike Details

I popped over to CDTA's website this morning, and I see they've finally listed information about the proposed fare hike. The information is quite robust, and includes many more details than last week's TU article about fares on the rise. The article noted that over 50% of the boardings are pre-paid, and I'm assuming that includes the use of the $3 Day Card, which after the initial purchase becomes pre-paid media. It's important to remember that CDTA no longer offers transfers, while MTA does, and so if you plan on taking a bus more than 3 times in one day, it pays to purchase a Day Card. I'm interested in learning the breakdown in pre-paid fares by media type -- e.g. daily percentages of 7-day monthly swipers, 5-day monthly-swipers, Day Cards, etc.

I've got lots of opinions and ideas about this proposal, and as regular readers have probably picked up, I'm flat-out opposed to the fare hike. I think it's too steep and will hurt those who rely on CDTA the most, and I'm dumb-founded that Rochester (similar-sized fleet) was able to cut their base fare down to $1 per ride during the same month that CDTA decided they had no choice but to impose a whopping 50% base fare increase on its riders. How is that possible? What is CDTA not doing right?

If the proposed fare hike is implemented as planned, your local transit-riding superhero is urging CDTA to make the following adjustments to their fare sales (actually, these adjustments would be welcome regardless of a fare hike) :
1. Re-instate transfers to be distributed the same way MTA distributes transfers.
2. Change both types of monthly passes to be valid for 30 days from the time of first use so that bus riders can purchase the cards on whatever date is most convenient for them.

Meanwhile, if you believe the proposed fare hike goes overboard and would like to work for a more reasonable solution, send me a note via the email link on the "Contact" section on my profile.

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