Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I've earned my degree!

It takes 4 years to get through high school. 4 years to earn a college degree. And I think it takes 4 years of choosing to be carfree in Albany to embrace the challenges that go with it. Yup, I've earned my carfree degree!

There's no doubt that I'm much better equipped to continue this lifestyle than I was when I first set out on this adventure in May of 2007. Back then, I never imagined that I'd make it through the first winter without caving to car ownership. By all means, the first year was the hardest, yet, the longer I go without owning a car, the more resolved I am to avoid car ownership in the future.

I've joined the Times Union's Getting There blog which is where you'll see updates from me most often.  Here are links to my first two posts:
I plan on keeping this site up with occasional posts. In the meantime, I hope to see you on one of the new CDTA bus lines that are launching November 13, and psst... did you see this Request for Assistance regarding carsharing? My fingers are crossed that our state's Capital will finally join the ranks of other great New York cities that offer carsharing.


Roger Owen Green said...

congrats, Dr. QLA!

Lee M said...

So you got a degree in bus riding?

Come on over to my blog and compute your own travel time equation:

As a bus rider there are a bunch of really useful things you can measure.