Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Holiday quiz - UPDATED July 6

Rather than play catch-up with a long narrative about the experiences I've had without a car over the past six(ish) weeks, I decided to play this little game with you.
Special thanks for the idea for this game goes to a friend from high school

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Section 1 - The Bus
1. Since riding the bus regularly, I have experienced all of the following except one:
a. For the first time, traveled by bus across the Hudson for a meeting one evening at Hudson Valley Community College . I was pleasantly surprised with how fast and convenient the ride was.
b. Taken the bus to the Mater Christi pool with my daughter and her friends.
c. Never had to wait more than ten minutes for a bus.

2. My doctor's office is in Slingerlands, on the bus line in a building off of New Scotland Road. 6 buses per day/ per direction (6 in each direction-- to and from Albany) go into the parking lot to serve patrons of the medical offices in the building. This is an important service for patients who rely on public transporation so they don't have to trudge onto the busy road to search for a bus stop, and dodge vehicles since there's no sidewalk on that stretch. Which one of the following does not reflect my experience?
a. I had to leave my office before noon so that I could catch the bus to get to the office in time for my 1 p.m. appointment.
b. I was thrilled to leave my appointment at 1:35, the perfect amount of time to be waiting outside on a sunny day for the bus scheduled to arrive at 1:53 and take me back downtown. That bus though, never showed up. I called CDTA after waiting for about 1/2 hour (and becoming friends with a fiesty senior citizen who comes from a place with a better public transporation system; she had quite a mouthful about the poor quality of public transportation she's experienced since moving to Albany); I learned that the bus was already downtown. Why hadn't the bus made it into the lot? Had it been really early or did the driver not make the scheduled trip into the lot? The next bus showed up at 2:53, and I got back to work at about 3:30. If I had driven to the appointment, I would have been gone from my office for no longer than 1 1/4 hours, but this trip wound up taking me almost 4 hours.
c. This was the easiest bus trek yet!

3. I don't like standing at a bus stop and waiting. So, if bus stops are relatively close to each other, I'll walk along in the direction I'm travelling while keeping my eyes out for the bus. Which of following did not happen to me all in one day?
a. I walked from CDPHP (where there is no bus stop) to the corner of Manning Blvd and Washington before I caught a bus on a weekday morning. Parts of this walk were extremely dangerous because there's no sidewalk along upper Washington Avenue.
b. I was at the co-op heading towards the Mater Christi swimming pool (more on this pool's location later) between 4:45 and 5:00 p.m. on a weekday , and I decided to take the Number 1 to the Number 30 at Allen and Central to catch the NUmber 13 at Allen and New Scotland. When I got off the Number 1, I saw that I had missed the 30 across Allen by mere seconds. I walked over 1 1/2 miles from Central and Allen to Allen and New Scotland with absolutely no 30 bus going in my direction. Then when I got to New Scotland I waited 10 minutes for a Number 13 to show up!
c. I was walking to catch a bus on Madison Avenue, and the bus went right by me because I didn't make it to a bus stop yet.

4. I have found one the following to be true of the CDTA bus service for getting around the Albany area.
a. The bus service is sufficient, it operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, providing reliable transportation to those who need to get around without cars.
b. I am shocked at the lack of public transportation available on weekends. The number of bus lines that have significantly reduced service on Saturdays and absolutely no service on Sundays is appalling.

5. Which one of the following accurately reflects my experience with the CDTA summerfun pass for kids under 16 ($17 for a summer full of bus riding)?
a. This is a well-publicized program and CDTA even coordinated with the Albany City School District to help get the word out.
b. I read an article about it in the Times Union.
c. I found out about it by chance, and it cant' be purchased the same place that I buy my monthly pass (KeyBank), but rather can be purchased either through Mr. Subb (I don't think I've ever been to a Mr. Subb shop), a CDTA office, or even though it doesn't say it here
it also appears to be available for sale online.

Section 2 - The Shopping Cart
6. On the first day without a car, I realized it was time to buy a shopping cart. That day, I needed to go to the co-op and Hannaford. Which of the following is not true about my search for a shopping cart.
a. I found my shopping cart at the poorly organized monstrosity, the Family Dollar on Central Avenue that's right near the co-op.
b. When I asked a friend if he knew where I could purchase a shopping cart, he said, "you mean one of those old lady carts? Try the Family Dollar."
c. When I found a discount store that sold shopping carts, I had a choice between a big shopping cart and a smaller one.

7. When I got to Hannaford with my shopping cart, I looked for those hooks on the store cart to hang my newly purchased personal shopping cart while I shopped. Which of the following reflects my experience?
a. I couldn't find any hooks to fasten my own shopping cart to, but one of the employees who works at Hannaford came up to me and offered to hold my shopping cart in a secure location while I shopped, talk about excellent customer service!
b. I fastened my new shopping cart to those hooks that come standard with grocery store shopping carts This made it really easy for me to shop.
c. I couldn't find any hooks to fasten my shopping cart to the store's cart, and was at a complete loss until I noticed someone else with a shopping cart a few feet away in the produce area. I saw that he had turned his cart upside down and it was hanging relatively securely in the space between the handle you push and the front basket. I played copy-cat and was ready to roll.

8. Since buying my shopping cart, I purposefully walk tall sporting a proud grin as I roll my cart around town. Which of the following is not true:
a. I realized the cart I bought can fit a lot of groceries in it, but it's too big to take on a crowded bus!
b. I also purchased 2 new foldable coolers that I take with me for goods that need to be kept cold. This was a wise investment, and has been working out really well.
c. At a recent gathering, one parent I know asked me if she'd seen me walking around with a shopping cart. When I told her she likely had, she said that she was going to go out and purchase her own cart and start walking with me to the grocery store.

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