Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Training It

The TU has an article this morning about the investigation into Senate Majority Leader Bruno's use of public funds. Here's the article:
Interest grows in Bruno's travels

I like getting places quickly. Apparently, Joe does too -- at least that's what Spitzer spokesman Darren Dopp says of Bruno's requests for police escorts, lights and sirens.

This native New Yorker has a handy bit of travel advice for the Senator -- try the subway-- it's the fastest way around town, and it'll save all of us some money.

And speaking of trains and quality of life, a member of the Albany Common Council has been thinking about that.
Gee, limit hazardous materials coming through our city, which also happens to be the Capital of our state... sounds like a good idea to me. Out of the Council's jurisdiction? Not enough staff to monitor? What is all of this opposition really about?

Visit me on July 4, for a little guessing game about my non-driving life in Albany.

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