Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Finding a good match

My friend once shared some words of wisdom that she got from her grandfather.

They went something like this, "You know you've found the right person to marry if he makes your life easier!"

I've kept that in mind over the years... haven't gotten married as relationships have always seemed to complicate my life; never have they made things easier.

Then came August 1, 2008. The go-live date for Google Transit in Albany.

Already GT is on the right track.

Saturday morning when I was pondering getting to the gym to take a class that I really do enjoy, GT gave me a couple of bus options. The shortest option: about 40 minutes of travel time; he also gave me the option to walk: about 50 minutes of travel time. Not much difference. And that was just to GET to the gym. Then there was the hour of class time, and the travel time back home which I didn't calculate on GT because he hasn't quite worked out how to present that info as cleanly as the sometimes-tedious, rather cumbersome CDTA Trip Planner does.

I assessed the one-way information Google Transit gave me.

I made a decision.

Not to be to cliché, but yes, I changed my mind.

I decided to make good, productive use of that 40-50 minute one-way travel time by doing something at home on my very long list of things to do.

After the 40 - 50 minutes passed by, I put on my running shoes, stretched, and went for run (ok, a jog) around the gorgeous lake at Washington Park. Ran for a good 44 minutes right back to my doorstep, with no added travel time home.

Google Transit made my life easier. I'd say we're off to a very nice start.

CDTA now links to Google Maps (you can actually get to Google Transit as an option in Google Maps) directly from their site as well as to Google's how-to video. Good partnerships make happy travelers.

I'm not rushing into things with GT though; that's never a good idea. He only got to town a few days ago, and we're just getting to know each other... but, hey GT was only in beta on Saturday, which means it can only get betta, right?


belleshpgrl said...

I hadn't started riding the bus until AOA pointed out Google transit. It's already proven to be more correct than CDTA's information. I wanted to catch the 22 on Saturday night but there was no stop where GT listed it, so I waited at the real 22 bus stop. The 22 did exactly what GT said it would and I ended up missing the bus because I was at the wrong stop. Boo. But you're much more knowledgeable than I am about the buses so it could've been a rookie mistake. I must say I love the bus, though.

Got Quality? said...

ahhh, bellshpgrl -- thank you for your thoughtful comment, and I'm happy to hear that you're a new bus rider! Welcome to the bus-riding club. Wow, sorry to learn about your bus mis-hap,I'm not sure what went wrong on your outing (I think I've only taken the 22 one time), but these things happen to all of us -- so I hope you'll keep on riding. It is important to let CDTA know when things go wrong for you -- call in the complaint, or complete a form on their website... they need to hear from us. 482-8822.

I do like GT's interface and the fact that it provides walking directions and approximate times. The bus data GT uses is straight from CDTA.

Anyway - happy riding -- and I hope to see you on the bus! TQL