Tuesday, August 19, 2008

P.S. Clean up after yourselves...

There are times when I have oh, ten minutes or so to wait for a connecting bus at Crossgates, and I'm starving. Not enough time to run inside, grab some food, sit and eat it and then run outside to catch the bus. Nope. Not enough time. Besides...who wants mall food court food anyway -- even when you're starving?

That's how I felt before I discovered Full Mi Belly, the relatively new Jamaican joint at the food court. Yumyumyum.

Eating is a no-no on the bus. But it's done.

Sometimes, when I have that lag for a connecting bus at Crossgates I'll run inside, grab a small jerk chicken with rice and peas and cabbage for $5.99 plus tax. Then run outside to catch the bus I need. I'm sitting on the bus, starving, with the smell of outstanding jerk chicken wafting before me, and a growling stomach. I can't take it -- I have to have just a little. So, yes, even I have guiltily eaten on the bus. But I always make sure that I don't leave a mess behind me!
This mess includes chicken bones I found on the bus before 10 a.m. one morning this summer!
Don't be nasty.

Since my last post had 9 birthday wishes, I was thinking 10 is a much better number. 10 is nice and round. There's a completeness to a list of 10 things. To add to my list of "big 4-0" birthday wishes, this one's for those of you on the bus with me.

Wish List - My Fellow Bus Riders

We bond over missed buses, we share schedule information, we talk about possible fair hikes and we freeze outside together in the winter... so let's be respectful of our shared space and...

1. If you MUST eat on the bus, clean up after yourselves.

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