Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Adventure to Patroon Creek

I had some personal business to take care of at CDPHP recently. The insurer has a beautiful office building off Washington Avenue at 500 Patroon Creek Boulevard, by the State Office Campus.

Anyone who has dealt with CDPHP's leadership will tell you how wonderful recently-retired, Dr. Bill Cromie is -- he's just one of those very genuine, down to earth, all-around great people. Plus, they say CDPHP is a nice place to work, with good benefits, a fitness center, a massage therapist and a cafeteria that even serves it up organically. When you enter as a customer, the reception area is pleasant with comfy seating, and complimentary coffee.

What CDPHP doesn't have yet is safe access to public transportation.
I guess all of their employees drive or carpool to work each day, because I can't imagine anyone making the trek to work by bus, especially in the brutal and icy Albany winter.

In preparation for my recent trip to the CDPHP offices, I decided to once again use CDTA's Trip Planner , but I didn't get very far because the software doesn't recognize Patroon Creek Boulevard as a valid street, yet Google Maps does.

Knowing the offices were off of Washington Avenue, I made my way over to Washington Avenue and hopped on a Number 12. Upon boarding, I asked the bus driver when I needed to get off to go to CDPHP.

He explained to me that the bus didn't go into Patroon Creek Boulevard, but that they were building condos there, and that once the condos were completed, he believed occasional buses would stop there. He then went on to tell me that there are certain buses scheduled to go into the State Office Campus, and I might find it easier to walk to Building 8 (of the State Office Campus) to catch a bus on my way back.

I decided to keep my absolute clueless-ness about the State Office Campus to myself. I don't know where Building 8 is, nor is it on my list of things to figure out in the near future. Every time I drive into the State Office Campus, I get lost, and I can't imagine hoofing it in search of Building 8 to be any easier. Of course, there are big plans in the works for that whole area as this recent article reminds us... no one knows yet what shape they'll take.

The nice driver explained to me that I'd need to get off the bus before the bridge because he couldn't make any stops after it. And so I did.

Then I walked... where there are no sidewalks... along this road here,

and past the lovely satellite dishes.

I waded through the high grass and came upon the sign that the condos were being built,

and saw the condos in progress.

Thankfully, it was a nice day for a very, very long walk.

I find it unconscionable that a huge employer like CDPHP, the multiple medical offices located off Washington Avenue and the credit union, SEFCU have been growing and growing without demanding access to public transportation for their customers and employees -- and that it's all within city limits makes it all the more appalling!

Apparently, long-term plans are in the works for transportation to service the expansion throughout the area -- CDTA has "newsletter" about a linkage study posted on their website which even discusses zipcar as a car sharing option. Currently, though if you don't have a car, you're up ____'s Creek without a paddle when you have to get to Patroon Creek.

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